What women want…

What women want, as told by a bone fide bikini babe.

A recently single male friend asked me last week for dating advice. I found myself unusually quiet, not wanting to send him down the path of disaster. Like all good cop outs, I phoned a friend.

That friend was Emily Sears. Emily has provided (heavily edited) advice for magazines such as Zoo (I’ve read them sometimes, shaking my head knowing she’d never say that), appears in Kanye clips and pretty much get to be a babe for a living. This has its perks and also means she meet a lot of jerks. I was really interested to hear what advice a she’d give when not contained in the pages of a men’s magazine and to discover, that what we want is really not that different after all.

  1. Women are just as nervous as men when it comes to interaction. A little goes a long way so just be friendly and approachable and don’t spend so much time selling yourself in the conversation that you don’t ask any questions about her
  2. You don’t KNOW her. She’s not the sum of your exes, your bad experiences in high school or the rejections you’ve received in the past. Don’t go in with a negative mindset or it’s already game over. Focus on being attentive
  3. A woman’s desire for security isn’t about you buying them a Celine purse. Security is provided emotionally and practically, when you are someone she can talk to without being judged or when you will pick her up when she’s had a couple too many wines with her girlfriends with no complaints.
  4. Women are allowed to be sexual too, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can’t slut shame girls then expect porn-star acts behind closed doors. This archaic double standard has got to stop!
  5. Pressure is unattractive. Be confident in yourself and you won’t be angered by rejection (in fact stop seeing is as rejection, it’s just a no thanks). Nobody owes you anything and regardless of how things go be calm and respectful if it doesn’t go your way. Be understanding and appreciative of the lesson and the time spent. Communicate how you feel respectfully and move on. The world is small and nobody wants to deal with a psychotic controlling loose cannon. It’s scary.
  6. This shouldn’t even HAVE to be said, but… unsolicited dick pics? Just NO! Show me a man who got a date from sending a girl a dick pic out of the blue and I’ll show you a creature that doesn’t exist. Keep it in your pants (unless asked)



photo: Danny Steezy

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