The golden ticket: Get invited, stay invited…

Ever flicked through the social pages of your local paper only to see the same faces again and again? Wondered who these magical ‘brand worthy’ folks are and what they do to KEEP getting invited? Ever worried that when you do finally get the illusive invite, you’ll trip, fall, and end up skirt over head, ass up in a punch bowl , never to be invited again (oh ok, maybe that’s just me!)? Me too!

With this on my mind I turned to the bundle of blonde that is Melbourne based PR Guru Susie Robinson (controller of such illusive guest lists as the H & M Australian Launch and the launch of Emporium) to find out, what to do and what NOT to do when given the chance a golden ticket…

Susie Robinson- PR Darling
1. RSVP as SOON as you receive the invitation. I spend half my life following up RSVPs. I need to know either way – the sooner the better.

2. Check In – tag the event and the venue and use the nominated event hashtag on all posts across all platforms.

3. Dress up. Its a party. Don’t come looking like a sad sack who has backed through a blackberry bush on the way there. Do ya hair. Wear lippy.

4. Wear something cool / bright / fun. Black doesnt photograph very well 😉

5. Make sure you locate the PR and say hello and say thank you for the invitation.

6. Don’t get blotto.

7. Flirt (if you must) – but don’t leer at / inappropriately crack onto – service staff / the client / other guests. No one likes a pervy pest. (You wouldn’t think I would have to say this but… here we are.)

8. Don’t steal anything. Including more than 1 goodie bag.

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