Five things models wish you knew..

Five things models wish you knew.

  1. When working with models you should know that you are working and it’s not a tragic excuse to have a party and posts pictures like you’re some kind of Pimp, living it up on Facebook. Remain respectful and professional and don’t be a creep.
  2. Saying a model doesn’t look like her pics is silly and rude. Unless of course YOU always wake up after 3 hours of hair and makeup in perfectly lit studio (after editing).
  3. Health is really important to us, so if we are on set, no , we don’t want to drink , party or do drugs.  I’ve seen it happen and the answer is a firm no.
  4. An established model doesn’t need anymore pictures of herself, so unless you’re bringing a world-class photo shoot to the table, please don’t expect us to work for free.
  5. Please don’t try to impress a model with your fancy car or house etc. We are lucky enough to travel and shoot in interesting locations all the time so that really isn’t what impresses.  I’m impressed when someone isn’t flashy and wants to know who I am, not treat me like arm candy.

Emily Sears is an Australian Model based in Los Angeles – you can see some of her work at Instagram:@emilysears

Photo thanks to Danny Steezy

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